fujifilm XT-20 in Philippines

Shooting with Nao aestrix and elb400
25 avril 2017
Writing music for Nakama-contemporary piece of dance
6 novembre 2017

fujifilm XT-20 in Philippines

I tested the new fujifilm X-T20 during a 10 days trip in the Philippines with fujinon XF16mm f1,4/ XF35mm F1,4/ Xf18mm F2 (I have also the X-T1/X-T10/X100, and Canon 1DX MKII/ 5D MKII and a sony rx100 MKII).

I shot around Manila area, in Las Pinas district. I made a roadtrip from Manila to Batangas, with a stopover in Tagaytay. After few days in Manila, I took a flight going to Boracay (it’s famous White Beach).

Theses few samples are all in  jpeg and coming directly out of the camera without any post-treatment (no lightroom/capture one/photoshop).


Smiling Fishermen@batagans-provia simulation-XF16mm f1.4



Old woman@batagans-provia simulation-XF16mm f1.4



The king of the Road-provia simulation-XF35mm f1.4


into the slum of Manila-classic chrome simulation-XF16mm f1.4


Boracay panorama-velvia-XF16mm f1.4






-Skintone better than xt-1

-dynamic range

– fast autofocus

-touchscreen(you can point and shoot in liveview,very useful for streetshooting)

-size for Travel/streetshooting

-stunning jpeg

-no banding problem with the electronic shutter under artificial light(like the xt1)


-Not weather sealing(sand!!!)

-Not compact and discreet like  the x100(my x100 fit in my pocket)

-sometimes,minors bugs with the touchscreen(the focus point change erraticaly in live view mode)





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